Departmental Bulletin Paper 「置換反復発話」におけるピッチパタンの再現可能性 : Warner(1997)の追検討
On the Replicability of Pitch Patterns in “Reiterant Speech”: A Complementary Study to Warner (1997)

松井, 真雪  ,  ホワン, ヒョンギョン  ,  Mayuki, MATSUI  ,  Hyun Kyung, HWANG

(14)  , pp.89 - 97 , 2018-01 , 国立国語研究所
ISSN:2186-134x print2186-1358 online
“Reiterant speech” (Larkey 1983) refers to a particular kind of speech, in which the prosody of the preceding utterance is reiterated but segments are substituted with others to minimize micro prosody. The current paper reports on a complementary study designed to examine the replicability of lexical and post-lexical pitch patterns in the reiterant speech. Acoustic patterns of the reiterant speech were compared with those of the normal speech in an interrogative context with rising boundary tone. The results demonstrate that the F0 height and fall timing attested in normal speech, which are related to the lexical pitch contrast, were replicated in the reiterant speech even in the interrogative context, extending the finding of the previous study. On the other hand, the results suggest that some post-lexical F0 properties, such as the degree of the rise of the boundary rising tone, were not completely replicated in the reiterant speech.

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