Departmental Bulletin Paper 仮名字体研究における「学術情報交換用変体仮名」の検証と応用
The Inspection and Application of hentaigana for Academic Information Exchange in the Study of kanajitai

銭谷, 真人  ,  Masato, ZENIYA

(12)  , pp.227 - 249 , 2017-01 , 国立国語研究所
ISSN:2186-134x print2186-1358 online
This study selected and analyzed the use of hentaigana (変体仮名, variant kana) for academic information exchange to suggest its adoption into the International Standard ISO/IEC10646. I had initially applied it to Akihagijou, Kashiwagi, Kiritsubo, and Kanagaki Hokekyou, after which I inspected its usefulness. Then, I added the element renmen to the kanajitai (the form of hiragana, a Japanese syllabary) database, and I conducted a study to inspect the factor for the use of kanajitai from a new viewpoint because renmen is not typically treated in the conventional study of kanajitai.

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