Departmental Bulletin Paper 話者の職業による敬語使用の差異と変化 : 岡崎敬語調査資料の分析
Variations and Changes in the Usage of Honorifics due to Occupations: Analyses from the Okazaki Survey on Honorifics

柳村, 裕  ,  Yu, YANAGIMURA

(12)  , pp.205 - 225 , 2017-01 , 国立国語研究所
ISSN:2186-134x print2186-1358 online
This paper investigates the relationship between the usage of honorifics and occupations based on analyses of materials in the Okazaki Survey on Honorifics. The politeness level and utterance length are measured as indices of the usage of honorifics. Three types of occupations, "office work," "service trade," and "labor," are compared concerning utterance politeness and length. The results are as follows. Of the three types of occupations, speakers in the labor group were found to be the lowest in the politeness level and the shortest in their utterance length. The office work group and service trade group scored almost similarly in the utterance length. On temporal change, those in the service trade group showed late adoption; in other words, their utterances become more polite and longer as they grew older. The office work and labor groups did not show this late adoption pattern. These results are interpreted as follows. First, the differences in the usage of honorifics among the three groups are due to the job specifications in each occupation. In other words, the usage of honorifics at work is considered to affect the usage of honorifics in other non-work-related situations. Second, the characteristic usage of honorifics at work in each occupation also affects the way the honorifics are adopted and changed. Based on these analyses, the understanding of sociolinguistic variations in the usage, adoption, and change of honorifics based on occupation was clearly important.

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