Departmental Bulletin Paper 喜界島方言のアクセント資料(5)
Accent Data from the Kikai-jima Dialects: Part 5

上野, 善道  ,  Zendo, UWANO

(11)  , pp.181 - 213 , 2016-07 , 国立国語研究所
ISSN:2186-134x print2186-1358 online
喜界島中南部の3方言(中里,坂嶺,上嘉鉄)の外来語アクセント資料を提示する。これらの3型アクセント方言は,外来語にも3つの型をもつが,所属語彙に大きな偏りがあり,α型は数語しか得られていない。圧倒的多数がβ型で,γ型は多くはβ型と相補分布をなす形で出て来るが,それに従わない例もあり,対立が認められる。﨑村弘文(2006 [1993])の記述も検討する。
This paper presents the accent data from the Nakasato, Sakamine, and Kamikatetsu dialects in Ryukyuan Kikai-jima with particular reference to foreign words. These dialects have a three-pattern accent system (α, β, γ), which shows a distributional imbalance. Among the 1000 words that were investigated, only a few words have the α pattern. β type is the most common, and γ type is almost in complementary distribution with β. However, the study revealed that there are some contrastive cases wherein the γ pattern is distinctive. This study also reexamines a previous research by Sakimura (2006 [1993]).

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