Departmental Bulletin Paper 痛みを表す言語表現ウズクの地域差
Regional Differences in the Pain Expression uzuku

竹田, 晃子  ,  鑓水, 兼貴  ,  Koko, TAKEDA  ,  Kanetaka, YARIMIZU

(10)  , pp.221 - 243 , 2016-01 , 国立国語研究所
ISSN:2186-134x print2186-1358 online
In this paper, we clarify the differences in region, generation, and meaning of the verb uzuku, which is used to express a type of pain. We consider the characteristics of its usage through analysis of data from "The Nationwide Survey for Chronic Pain and its Expressions," which was administered to approximately 180,000 people.The verb uzuku is used to diagnose the clinical condition of the patient in a medical context. It is regarded as part of the standard Japanese language and is also used in the survey. However, an analysis of the results of this survey found that uzuku is mainly used in western Japan and by people in their 50s or older.In terms of the differences in meaning, the rate of use declines nationwide in descending order when referring to "toothache," "cut," "headache," "arthralgia," "backache," and "stomachache."Uzuku is used mainly in western Japan to express "toothache," "cut," and "headache." However, it is hardly used for headaches in eastern Japan, while its rate of use in western Japan also declines in under 50s. In Ehime Prefecture, its rate of use is high in expressing "arthralgia," "backache," and "stomachache." Therefore, uzuku has a broader meaning in the Ehime dialect than in other dialects.With regard to the quality of pain, the type of pain is differentiated to an increasing degree from that of "toothache" in the case of "headache," "arthralgia," "backache," and "stomachache." In the order of continuity of pain from "toothache," the rate of use of uzuku decreases and the area of use becomes narrower.Uzuku is part of an "unnoticed dialect," which expresses physical sensation and is standardized with reduction of meaning. Physical sensation is personal, and words of physical sensation tend to be used in the private domain. Therefore, it can easily be overlooked that they are dialect forms.There are many answers to the survey that can be given other than uzuku. These are used differently according to usage or nuance. It is suggested that the meaning of uzuku has become narrower because itai/itamu has taken on the core meaning of pain, especially in the Kanto district.

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