Departmental Bulletin Paper 天草諸方言における有声促音の音韻論的・音声学的記述
Phonological and Phonetic Description of Voiced Geminates in Amakusa Japanese

松浦, 年男  ,  Toshio, MATSUURA

(10)  , pp.159 - 177 , 2016-01 , 国立国語研究所
ISSN:2186-134x print2186-1358 online
This article reports on the phonological distribution and acoustic phonetic realizations of voiced geminates in Amakusa Japanese. Results from fieldwork elicitation demonstrate that most dialects in Amakusa Japanese have voiced geminates, not only in foreign words but also in Yamato and Sino-Japanese words. Moreover, the findings indicate that the fully-voiced pattern in geminates is found at many closure intervals.

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