Departmental Bulletin Paper 沖縄高専における数学通論の取り組み
An approach to educating mathematical innovators in Okinawa Kosen

吉居, 啓輔  ,  渡利, 正弘  ,  山本, 寛  ,  Yoshii, Keisuke  ,  Watari, Masahiro  ,  Yamamoto, Hiroshi  ,  総合科学科  ,  Department of Integrated Arts and Sciences

10pp.77 - 84 , 2016-03-30 , 沖縄工業高等専門学校 , National Institute of Technology, Okinawa College
平成27年度前学期において, 著者らが行った数学通論の講義の実践について報告する。平成27年度は, 山本, 吉居, 渡利が, それぞれ複素関数論, 論理パズル, 線形符号理論について講義を行った。数学通論では, 専攻科の学生を対象とし, それぞれの教員が自身の研究分野に近いテーマの中から, 有益でかつ興味深いテーマを選定し講義を行う。本稿では, それぞれの教員の専門性を生かしたユニークな数学教育に対する取り組みの実践について報告を行う。
We had a sequential lectures for advanced course students in 2015 spring. Although we are mainly teaching general education such as calculus or a basic course of linear algebra, it is a great opportunity and even fun for us to have such an advanced course because we can choose topics which we are really interested in. Thus, we, as pure mathematicians, choose each topic which must be mathematically interesting and, hopefully, worth learning for students who are majoring engineering. In this paper, we would like to share our unique approaches to engineering education at NIT, Okinawa college.

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