Departmental Bulletin Paper ボチョウジ属の分枝発生パターンに付随するグラフと トポロジカルインデックスについて
Mathematical graphs associated with branching patterns of Psychotria species and their topological index

渡利, 正弘  ,  Watari, Masahiro  ,  総合科学科  ,  Department of Integrated Arts and Sciences

10pp.55 - 62 , 2016-03-30 , 沖縄工業高等専門学校 , National Institute of Technology, Okinawa College
In this paper, we introduce a notion “mathematical graphs associated with branching pattern models of Psychotria species”. Our aim of the introduction is to analyze the branching feature of Psychotria species via the graphs. We determine the first and second graphs and calculate topological indices for them. Hosoya introducedtopological index to analyze structural isomers of saturated hydorocarbons. It is known that it is useful for the classification of connected graphs representing the carbon skeletons of saturated hydorocarbons. We expect that our graphs are effective for our analysis of branching patterns of Psychotria species.

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