Departmental Bulletin Paper オーストリア共和国における連邦制 ―連邦国家における権限配分を中心として―(1)
Federalism in the Federal Republic of Austria ― The division of responsibilities between Bund and Länder ―(1)

奥, 正嗣  ,  オク, マサツグ  ,  Oku, Masatsugu

 A federal state consists of smaller individual states, nine in Austria, and responsibility for legislation, administration and jurisdiction are divided between the states and the federation. This paper examines the Federalism in the Federal Republic of Austria, chiefly the division of functions between Bund, the federal state, and Länder, the individual states. Firstly, we see the main provisions of the Austrian Constitution (Bundes- Verfassungsgesetz〔B-VG〕) related to these functions, namely Articles 10-15, which show clearly the centralization of Austrian Federalism in comparison with that of Germany or Switzerland. Secondly, we see the participation of Länder in the legislation or administration of Bund, and the co-operation of the Bund with the legislation or administration of the Länder. Thirdly, we examine the control and compulsory execution of the Bund on the Länder.

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