Departmental Bulletin Paper 競争優位のチャネル・ネットワーク・マネジメントの一考察
Sources of Competitive Advantage in Channel Network Management

玄野, 博行  ,  ゲンノ, ヒロユキ  ,  Genno, Hiroyuki

 This article brings up the following problems; First, how do center firms in a channel network impact on various organizations? Second, in what way is the analytical power of the conventional channel viewpoint inadequate in capturing real situations? Third, to overcome this inadequacy, what kind of conceptual frameworks will be a strong foothold, and in what direction do they need to be developed? Based on the above background, this thesis presents the problem of consciousness of “what kind of channel network management should be implemented to gain a competitive advantage?” The significance of this problem of consciousness is confirmed by reviewing various literature on distribution channels, with the aims to gaining suggestions for future directions of research.

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