Departmental Bulletin Paper 矢内原忠雄の政治思想(4)―政治と宗教―
The Political Thought of Tadao Yanaihara(4)−Politics and Religion−

古賀, 敬太  ,  コガ, ケイタ  ,  Koga, Keita

 Tadao Kanzo (1839〜1961) welcomed the separation of religion from politics and the freedom of religious faith, stipulated in article 20 of the new constitution.On the other hand, he worried greatly about the indifference to and hostility toward religion which resulted from this separation. He thought that religion, especially Christianity, should not be enclosed in the private field, but should also be influential in the public domain. The spirit of Christianity should permeate among the people, if democracy continued to work effectively. This article also compares the attitude toward the Pacific war of Tadao Yanaihara with Toraji Tukamoto (1885〜1973), the disciple of Kanzo Uchimura, from the viewpoint of the relationship between politics and religion. It also attempts to make clear the affinity and differences between Tadao Yanaihara and Shigeru Nanbara (1889〜1974) in the battle against the pseudo state religion. Although Yanaihara brings his Christian faith directly into his public activities, Nanbara tries to be ascetic and appeals to the language of political philosophy.

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