Departmental Bulletin Paper 夏目漱石と藤代素人―『吾輩ハ猫デアル』を巡って―
Soseki Natsume and Sojin Fujishiro ― About Wagahai wa Neko de Aru ―

鎌野, 多美子  ,  カマノ, タミコ  ,  Kamano, Tamiko

 This paper examines an article by Sojin Fujishiro, The Heated Record of a Cat Writer, and I Am a Cat by Soseki Natsume. The Cat Writer says that Natsume’s cat is borrowed from Germany. The author of the Cat Writer is Teisuke Fujishiro, who revealed the hidden name of Murr the tomcat, popular in the German literary world. Fujishiro and Natsume were friends. Through national scholarships, one studied in the U.K, the other in Germany.  In addition, it is said that Natsume’s cat does not clarify the name of the German cat. This article covers both I Am a Cat, and how Natsume answers the attack of the Cat Writer.

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