Departmental Bulletin Paper 全国学力調査結果の統計的分析
Statistical Analysis of the Japanese National Academic Performance Survey

植松, 康祐  ,  高橋, 泰代  ,  ウエマツ, コウユウ  ,  タカハシ, ヤスヨ  ,  Uematsu, Koyu  ,  Takahashi, Yasuyo

 The mass media and people related to education have argued about the results of the Japanese national survey of academic performance which the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology administered; paying attention to the low scores in Osaka prefecture. This paper, does not discuss countermeasures by prefectures, but analyzes the available quantitative data. By using multi regression analysis when letting academic performance be an objective variable, we find some effective explanatory variables. Also by factor analysis with factor loading amount, we can clarify the position of each prefecture and reveal the factors that affect the scores of students. We believe that this research can enable our compulsory education system to achieve higher scores in future.

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