Departmental Bulletin Paper 村上春樹とランニング-活字媒体を中心に-
Haruki Murakami and Running-Mainly from print media-

清水, 泰生  ,  シミズ, ヤスオ  ,  Shimizu, Yasuo

 Haruki Murakami is a novelist who also competes in triathlons and marathons. How has his running affected him and his literary work? Furthermore, has he read any books about running that offer interesting viewpoints? In addition, how does he train? For this report, I considered works that feature in printed media, such as interviews, essays and other texts. Since many novelists do not participate in sports, Murakami was regarded as a heretic and received continuous criticism. He fought for people who were criticized all the time. It may be said that he is an atypical runner, and is therefore isolated. Also, it can be seen from the Murakami works that literary language and rhythm are important attributes. As well as music, running must affect the form of writing immensely. Additionally, there is the theoretical question about his training, but it may be said that his original training has helped him form a writing style.

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