Departmental Bulletin Paper 盂蘭盆会の行事食について
Japanese Festive Dishes Served at the Feast of Lanterns

喜多野, 宣子  ,  キタノ, ノブコ  ,  Kitano, Nobuko

日本の家庭で伝承されていた行事食は外部化が進み、特に盂蘭盆会の精進料理は衰退の一途をたどっている。そこで、現在でも盂蘭盆会の精進料理を伝承している奈良県奈良市の家庭を対象とし、10 年間の調査を行った。結果、調査期間中は料理の形式や内容はほぼ変化することはなかった。また、料理等の詳細な記録およびレシピを作成することで調理担当者以外でも料理の再現が可能となった。今後、各家庭の行事食レシピ作成を推進し、食文化の伝承に役立てたいと考える。
Japanese festive dishes that have been handed down at home become increasingly outsourced. Especially, vegetarian dishes served at the Feast of Lanterns (Ullambana), a traditional Japanese Bon festival held on the 15th of August, follow a course of decline. Accordingly, we conducted a 10-year survey of households where the vegetarian dishes for the Feast of Lanterns have been passed down at home in Nara-city, Nara. The result showed almost no changes in style of dishes and contents of menus during the survey period. We also successfully recorded the details of the dishes and offered recipes for people other than descendants to reproduce these traditional dishes. The handing down of this dietary culture may be promoted by supporting each household to record the recipes for these festive dishes.

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