Departmental Bulletin Paper 社会的不公正事態への対処方略とその有効性の検討
Coping Strategies for Social Injustice and Their Effectiveness

森上, 幸夫  ,  中村, 慎佑  ,  西迫, 成一郎  ,  桑原, 尚史  ,  モリカミ, ユキオ  ,  ナカムラ, シンスケ  ,  ニシサコ, セイイチロウ  ,  クワバラ, タカシ  ,  Morikami, Yukio  ,  Nakamura, Shinsuke  ,  Nishisako, Seiichiro  ,  Kuwabara, Takashi

In this study, we first examined how people have coping strategies for social injustice and secondly analyzed the effectiveness of these strategies. We administered two questionnaire surveys. We found four types of coping strategies for social injustice: 1. need for coping by anyone, 2. need for coping by a party, 3. behavioral coping by oneself, 4. emotional coping by oneself. We also determined that there were few differences in effectiveness between the four strategy types.

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