Departmental Bulletin Paper TOEIC 集中講座でのコーチング手法の利用の試みより
Using Coaching Techniques for a TOEIC Intensive Course

木村, 理恵子  ,  キムラ, リエコ  ,  Kimura, Rieko

This article describes how a TOEIC Intensive Course, open to Japanese university students, was taught using coaching techniques to promote academic skills. Based on research that “moderate structural intervention” benefits university students who have less academic experience, the author planned and organized the use of coaching activities for the course. The article also includes students’ before and after TOEIC results and their feedback on the course. It was found that the students’ TOEIC scores from testing right after the course showed a significant increase, though the students had only a one week period for the study course. The author suggests that if the coaching techniques were utilized throughout the intensive course period, they could very well further improve the students’ TOEIC scores.

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