Departmental Bulletin Paper 問題を抱える子どもへの福祉と教育の連携実態と課題-児童相談所と学校の連携を中心に-
Current Conditions and Problems of Cooperation between Welfare and Education in Supporting Children with Difficulties.

柏木, 智子  ,  岩永, 定  ,  カシワギ, トモコ  ,  イワナガ, サダム  ,  Kashiwagi, Tomoko  ,  Iwanaga, Sadamu

The purpose of this study is to clarify the current conditions and problems of cooperation between welfare and education in supporting children with difficulties, focusing on consultation offices for children and schools. We conducted a questionnaire survey of the cooperation of staff of consultation office for children. The findings were as follows: 1. The partner whom the staff of the consultation office for children contact first was different depending on the problems of the child. 2. Schools took central roles when the problems of the child were discovered and coped with. 3. The staff of the consultation office for children felt that not enough understanding was shown by teachers about the role and the function of the office.

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