Departmental Bulletin Paper セル・オートマトンによる閉鎖的社会構造モデルの分析
Analysis of Closed Social Structure Models using the Cellular Automaton

安達, 康生  ,  安高, 真一郎  ,  植松, 康祐  ,  アダチ, ヤスオ  ,  アタカ, シンイチロウ  ,  ウエマツ, コウユウ  ,  Adachi, Yasuo  ,  Ataka, Shinichiro  ,  Uematsu, Koyu

The cellular automaton was created by John Von Neumann and Stanislaw Marcin Ulam. What Von Neumann was interested in was a machine which could replicate itself and the first such machine in the logical world was the Neumann cellular automaton. Since then, the cellular automaton has been expanded to many fields such as biology, history, and complex systems. This paper suggests closed social structure models with the method based on the cellular automaton. We succeeded in finding some interesting facts using simulations. The results gained can be applied to models such as closed social structures nowadays or the existence of living creatures.

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