Departmental Bulletin Paper 狂言ならびにキリシタン資料の形容詞についての一考察
A Study of the Adjectives Used in Kyogen and Christian Materials

村田, 菜穂子  ,  前川, 武  ,  ムラタ, ナホコ  ,  マエカワ, タケシ  ,  Nahoko, Murata  ,  Takeshi, Maekawa

We analyzed and considered the adjectives used in ancient works, an anthology of eight poems, prose works from the Heian period and documents written in Chinese with characters rendered into Japanese, the Konjaku Monogatari (Tales of Times Now Past), and the Gunki Monogatari.From this research it became obvious that there is a big difference between the adjectives in ancient times and those after the Middle Ages.This article discusses the adjectives used in Kyogen and Christian Materials from the point of view of type of inflection, the number of composition units, and layered structure in comparison with other ancient and medieval works.

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