Departmental Bulletin Paper GPSを用いたASEの効果検証-大学生リーダーズトレーニングにおいて-
Verification of the Effects of ASE using GPS in University Leaders Training\n

玉井, 久実代  ,  黒川, 清  ,  竹端, 佑介  ,  タマイ, クミヨ  ,  クロカワ, キヨシ  ,  タケハタ, ユウスケ  ,  Tamai, Kumiyo  ,  Kurokawa, Kiyoshi  ,  Takehata, Yusuke

Action Socialization Experience (ASE), which is held in the leadership training for the university, is an effective program for the facilitation of student’s social skills. However, there is no tool or index to objectively evaluate the effect of ASE. Therefore, this study attempts to construct a system which measures the distance between two people and the time for which they people interact to create an index of social skills using the Global Positioning System (GPS).The error of this system depended on the measurement environment - the signal of GPS is rarely not detectable. However, the method is highly precise, and is measurable for a long time. We think that this new system would be a suitable method for evaluating human relations in open spaces.

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