Departmental Bulletin Paper 森林環境でのガイドエコツアー活動の参加者におよぼす作用:気分と体調およびストレスにかかわる作用
The Effects of a Guided Eco-tour in a Forest Environment upon the Participants:their stress, physical condition and feelings during the tour

橋本, 義郎  ,  玉井, 久実代  ,  ハシモト, ヨシロウ  ,  タマイ, クミヨ  ,  Hashimoto, Yoshiro  ,  Tamai, Kumiyo

In order to find out how an eco-tour in a forest environment affects the feeling, perceived physical condition and stress of the tour participants, the authors implemented an experimental tour in Kawakami Village, a forest village in Nara prefecture. The results indicate that there are significant changes in the participants feelings and subjective physical condition through the course of the tour at a 0.5% level. Their feelings and subjective physical conditions became significantly better after their participation in the first half of the first day of a two day tour. In the participants’ stress there was no significant change at the 5% level.

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