Departmental Bulletin Paper 日本の英語教育に関する考察
Contemplation on English Education in Japan

山根, 通弘  ,  ヤマネ, ミチヒロ  ,  Yamane, Michihiro

 For many years, it has been pointed out that English proficiency of Japanese people has been very low and that the major reasons for that has much to do with ineffective English education in Japan.This paper intends to review modern history of English education in Japan including various guidance, instructions and plans directed by the government for the past 40 years.The paper also contemplates English educational system of Japan from a viewpoint of international comparison with other nations in the world particularly with other Asian nations through such benchmarks as TOEIC and TOEFL.The paper discusses the controversial topics of how the English proficiency of the Japanese should be improved in the future by exploring into some of the English educational policies implemented by other nations as well as surveying experimental practices promoted by some of Japanese primary schools.

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