Departmental Bulletin Paper インスタントラーメンの消費構造分析と“康師傅”の経営状況分析
Analysis of the Consumption Structure of Instant Noodles and the Financial Status of Master Kong

賈, 志聖  ,  植松, 康祐  ,  カ, シセイ  ,  ウエマツ, コウユウ  ,  Chia,Chih, Sheng  ,  Uematsu, Koyu

 Instant noodles were invented in Japan in 1958. Since then more than one hundred billion meals of ramen noodles have been consumed all over the world. China, which consumes about half of the world consumption, is the biggest market. The biggest food company in China, Master Kong, was founded in 1992. Although the company has a short history, it has grown rapidly to reach almost the size of world-famous food companies such as Coca-Cola. We analyzed the consumption structure of instant noodles in Japan. Also, we analyzed the Chinese economy which has supported the high growth rate of Master Kong. Finally, after the analysis of the financial status of Master Kong in recent years, by comparing it to the Nisshin Foods Company, which invented instant noodles in Japan, we will discuss how Master Kong might be managed in the future.

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