Departmental Bulletin Paper 自然界における永久運動の構想 -ヴィエスワフ・コタンスキ著『日本の神々の遺産』意訳・その4-
Imagining the Framework of Eternal Movement in the World―chapter 4

松井, 嘉和  ,  マツイ, ヨシカズ  ,  Matsui, Yoshikazu

 The late Dr. Wieslaw KOTANSKI (1915-2005) at Warsaw University in Poland has been studied in the KOJIKI throughout his life-time. This paper is free translation from the fragment, the Chapter 4 of Part, of his main work entitled ”Dziedzictwo Japonskich Bogow”(Heritage kept in the Japanese Deities). He insisted that the messages for the better life, which might be meaningful even in the modern world, are left in the KOJIKI could be found by analyzing the epithet of the deities appeared in the KOJIKI. In this paragraph he anlysed the meaning and the function of the Diety whose name is Wumasi'asikab?fikodi which appeared just after two deities, Takamimusufi and Kamimusufi.

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