Departmental Bulletin Paper 自己志向的完全主義者における友人からのソーシャル・サポートが抑うつに及ぼす影響について
The Effect of Social Support from Friends on Depression in Self-oriented Perfectionists

中川, 拓也  ,  ナカガワ, タクヤ  ,  Nakagawa, Takuya

 This study focuses on the relationship between perfectionism and social support and investigates the effect of social support from friends on depression in the self-oriented perfectionist. Self-oriented perfectionism was classified into two types: negative perfectionism and passive perfectionism. Depression in the high passive perfection group was especially reduced by instrumental support. It is considered that various forms of support have an effect on passive perfectionists because they have clearer targets than negative perfectionists for receiving social support.

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