Departmental Bulletin Paper 大学生の不適応について-不適応状態の判断と過剰適応の視点から-
Maladjustment of University Students ─ Assessment of Maladjustment and Over-adaptation─

竹端, 佑介  ,  佐瀬, 竜一  ,  タケハタ, ユウスケ  ,  サセ, リュウイチ  ,  Takehata, Yusuke  ,  Sase, Ryuichi

 This article discusses maladjustment in university students. Assessment of maladjustment was difficult because of its multiple aspects. To solve this problem of difficulty in assessing maladjustment, assessment of subjective adjustment is required. Additionally, over-adaptation should be studied more in order to solve the problem of maladjustment of university students.

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