Departmental Bulletin Paper 原生林ガイドエコツアーが参加者におよぼす作用についての研究:2014年初夏のツアーにおける参加者のストレス度と体調および気分
The Effects of a Guided Eco-tour in a Primeval Forest on the Participants : Participant Stress Level, Physical Condition and Feelings during the Early Summer 2014 Tour

橋本, 義郎  ,  玉井, 久実代  ,  木村, 全邦  ,  ハシモト, ヨシロウ  ,  タマイ, クミヨ  ,  キムラ, マサクニ  ,  Hashimoto, Yoshiro  ,  Tamai, Kumiyo  ,  Kimura, Masakuni

 In order to find out how an eco-tour in a primeval forest affects the stress levels, perceived physical condition and feelings of the participants, the authors implemented an experimental tour in Suigenchinomori, a primeval forest in Kawakami Village in Nara Prefecture. Results indicated changes in the participants’ stress levels and subjective physical condition through the course of the tour. The stress levels of the participants increased on average while their perceived physical condition and feelings became better during the tour as a whole. This means that the average perceived physical condition and feeling at the second and the third measuring points were better than at the first measuring point at the beginning of the tour. Examining the changes between the three measuring points in detail, for individuals, the following facts were found. (1) Between the first and second points, 12 participants out of 14 felt better. And one stayed at the highest point on the measuring scale. One participant felt worse. Physical condition also became better in 12 participants, worse in one, and stayed at the highest point of the scale in another. (2) Between the second and the third points, feelings became worse in 11 participants and in the other three stayed at the same level. Physical condition became better in half of the participants and stayed at the same level in the other half.

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