Departmental Bulletin Paper 承役地の担保不動産競売における未登記通行地役権の消長
The Legal Status of Rights-of-way across Auctioned Land

中山, 実郎  ,  ナカヤマ, ジツロウ  ,  Nakayama, Jitsuro

 The owner of a piece of land had recognized the right-of-way of others to cross the land. A mortgage was set on the land, it was then auctioned and purchased by another person. The new owner refused to allow others to cross the land because their rights-of-way had not been registered. The problem could not be resolved by negotiation, so in order to get their rights of way recognized, the parties who wished to cross the land went to court. The courts have not made clear rulings on this issue until recently, but in 2013 the Supreme Court delivered clear criteria in order to solve this problem. This article examines the history and theory of this interesting judgment by the Supreme Court.

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