Departmental Bulletin Paper オーストリア共和国の連合国による管理(1945~1955年) -オーストリアの再建をめざして- (2)
The Austrian Republic under the Control of the Allied Powers (1945~1955) ─ The Reconstruction of Austria after Nazism ─ (2)

奥, 正嗣  ,  オク, マサツグ  ,  Oku, Masatsugu

 This paper examines the Austrian Republic under the control of the Allied powers. In April 1945, Austria was liberated from Hitler’s Nazis, and came under the control of the Allied powers. Under various restrictions imposed by the Allied powers, Austrian political parties, provisional central government, and provisional local government all played an important part in the reconstruction and democratization of Austria. The Austrian provisional central government enacted the Provisional Constitution of 1945, which declared Austria to be a combined legislative and administrative, centralized, united state. After a time, federalism was restored by an amendment to the Provisional Constitution. In December 1945, the Federal Constitution of 1929 was restored, instead of the Provisional Constitution of 1945. In 1955, the Austrian Republic recovered sovereignty completely, and moreover declared itself a permanently neutral state.

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