Departmental Bulletin Paper 類別詞言語と非類別詞言語に関する一考察 :英語とインドネシア語を例に
A Study of Numeral and Non-Numeral Classifier Languages: With Special Reference to English and Indonesian

岩崎, 真哉  ,  イワサキ, シンヤ  ,  Iwasaki, Shin-ya

 This paper analyzes the characteristics of nouns in English, which is categorized as a non-numeral classifier language, and of classifiers in Indonesian, which is categorized as a numeral classifier language. It is shown that the wholeness of the noun affects the selection of numeral classifiers in Indonesian. Moreover, it will be claimed that Indonesian nouns are construed as more “synthetic” than English ones. This study will help us understand how English and Indonesian construe the category of a noun in terms of individuation and wholeness.

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