Journal Article 経営者利益予想に見られるラチェット効果と予想誤差への影響 : 管理会計からのアプローチ
Management Forecasts Ratcheting and its Effect on Management Forecast Errors : Management Accounting Perspective

安酸, 建二  ,  Kenji, Yasukata  ,  近畿大学経営学部  ,  Faculty of Business Administration, Kinki University

The Stock Exchange in Japan requires Japanese firms listed on the exchange to report management earnings forecasts in their annual press releases. Recent questionnaire surveys on management forecasts have revealed that they are closely linked with internal budgets. This finding calls for the management accounting perspective when studying management earnings forecasts. The purpose of this study is to explain the management earnings forecasts and forecast errors based on the idea of budget ratcheting. The empirical analysis indicates that budget ratcheting has an impact on management earnings forecasts and forecast errors, suggesting that management accounting approach enriches our understanding of management earnings forecasts.

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