Journal Article 音楽の調変化に伴う音の高さとPCCSトーンの対応についての検討
A study of the correspondence between the pitch of a sound and PCCS tone following a key change in music

若田, 忠之  ,  齋藤, 美穂  ,  Tadayuki, Wakata  ,  Miho, Saito  ,  早稲田大学人間科学研究科  ,  早稲田大学人間科学学術院  ,  Graduate School of Human Sciences, Waseda University  ,  Faculty of Human Sciences, Waseda University

The purpose of this study was to investigate the correspondence between the pitch and the color of PCCS tone and, furthermore, to examine the relationship between music and color in the impression the music creates. In experiment 1. there were 16 music stimuli (two instruments × eight keys). The color stimuli consisted of 11 PCCS tones and the gray scale. Subjects estimated the impression of each stimulus using the SD method and selected colors to match the music stimuli. The results showed that the pitch of the music corresponded to the lightness of the color. In experiment 2. the music stimuli were extended over a wider range of pitches. The result of a factor analysis showed two factors, potency and activity; these were found to relate to both music and color. With regard to color, lightness corresponded to potency, and saturation corresponded to activity. Furthermore, the pitch of the music corresponded to potency. The impression of music changed relatively to the pitch. The conclusion of this study was that PCCS tone has the potential for being used as a connector for images of other modalities in a cross-modal study.

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