Journal Article 英語母語話者のカタカナ式発音の音声認知に関する事例研究
Case Studies of English Native Speakers' Speech Recognition of English Words Pronounced With a Japanese Accent

西川, 惠  ,  原田, 依子  ,  相澤, 一美  ,  東海大学  ,  東京電機大学  ,  東京電機大学

(3)  , pp.46 - 60 , 2016-03-31
The purpose of this study is to investigate how accurately English native speakers can recognize English loanwords pronounced in Japanese. The 45 target words were identified as important words in foreign language activities at Japanese elementary schools. The participants were 52 English native speakers from U.S., U.K., and Ireland as well as 8 near-native English speakers from West Asia. They were asked to access the Internet, to listen to loanword cognates with authentic Japanese accents, and to spell them within the time limit of 15 seconds. The results showed that 56.8 percent of words were correctly answered. It was also found that the difficult words were those that have false cognates (bread, light, and white), while the easy ones were longer words such as America, computer and restaurant.

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