Journal Article Multinational Enterprises and Vietnam’s Exports: Comparing Economy-wide and Firm-level Evidence

Eric D., Ramstetter  ,  Kien, Trung Nguyen

This paper examines the role of foreign multinational enterprises (MNEs) have played in Vietnam’s exports in 1995-2014. Economy-wide estimates suggest MNE share of Vietnam’s export grew from about one quarter to about two-thirds during this period. MNE shares of GDP were much smaller (6 to 18 percent); correspondingly export-production ratios were much (4.7 to 9.6 times) higher in MNEs than in the non-MNEs sector. If comparisons are limited to formal enterprises, wholly-foreign MNEs (WFs), which account for the vast majority of MNEs in Vietnam, tend to have relatively high export propensities and account for the vast majority of MNE exports. These data thus suggest that MNEs, and particularly WFs, make unusually large direct contributions to exports in Vietnam compared to other economic activities. On the other hand, these compilations cannot establish if export propensities differ significantly among ownership groups after accounting for other, related firm-level and industry-level characteristics. Most importantly, this paper highlights several substantial problems revealed by compilations of the firm-data which much be addressed before more reliable, rigorous analysis of the firm-level data will be possible.

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