Journal Article Multinational Enterprise Growth and Vietnam's Employment and Wages in Manufacturing and Trade Industries: Did Takeovers Play a Role?

Eric D. , Ramstetter

This paper examines how foreign multinational enterprises (MNEs) have grown in Vietnam’s manufacturing and trade industries, and tries to shed light on how MNE takeovers of Vietnamese firms have affected employment, and wages between 2000 and 2012. Although the scale of MNE activity has been substantial and grown in recent years, there are substantial discrepancies in measures of MNE shares from alternative sources and uncertainty over the actual share of MNEs in Vietnamese production or employment. On the other hand, the number of MNE takeovers has been very small and they appear to have played only a small role in changes of MNE shares. Rather, changes in MNE shares have resulted primarily from the entry and exit MNEs and changes in the scale of MNE activity.

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