Departmental Bulletin Paper ガングリオシドG[M]₃単分子膜中へのカフェ酸エステル類の分布と作用

戸泉, 文江  ,  月川, 健士  ,  横山, 祥子  ,  といずみ, ふみえ  ,  Fumie, TOIZUMI

The distribution of benzyl caffeate (BC), phenethyl caffeate (PC) and cinnamyl caffeate (CC) inganglioside GM3 (GM3) monolayer as a model of a tumor membrane, and the effects of the caffeic acidesters on the GM3 membrane were observed by atomic force microscopy (AFM). BC and PC distributedin the GM3 monolayer formed holes in the GM3 matrix. The effects of BC and PC on the GM3 membranewere similar to those of known antitumor compounds, suggesting that BC and PC may possess antitumoractivitiy. The activity of CC seems to be weaker than that of BC and PC. The effects of caffeic acid esterson the GM3 membrane were different from those on the GD3 membranes.

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