Departmental Bulletin Paper 看護学生の乳幼児健康診査実習による子ども観の変化と,乳幼児健康診査実習による学び
Change for Nursing Students on the Concept of Children and learning by Infants Health Checkup Training

田中, 富子  ,  安福, 真弓  ,  綱島, 公子  ,  岡田, 佳穂里  ,  タナカ, トミコ  ,  ヤスフク, マユミ  ,  ツナシマ, キミコ  ,  オカダ, カオリ  ,  Tomiko, TANAKA  ,  Mayumi, YASUFUKU  ,  Kimiko, TSUNASHIMA  ,  Kaori, OKADA

本研究は乳幼児健康診査実習で学生が捉えた健診での学びと,実習前後の子ども観の変化を明らかにすることを目的とした.4年看護学生60人を1グループ4人~5人とし,13会場で実習を行った.実習前と後に子ども観を表す形容詞対20項目を無記名自記式質問紙により調査した.さらに,実習後に健診の学びを自由記載した.実習前後の子ども観についてMann−Whitney u検定を行った結果,7項目に有意な関連を認めた.学生が健診で捉えた子ども観は,【子どもの姿】【子どもの観方・理解】の2カテゴリーに,健診の学びは【健診の役割】【健診の構造】【支援者の資質】の3カテゴリーに分類された.これらから,乳幼児健診実習後に学生の子ども観は好意的に変化し,学生は子どもを身体的・精神的・社会的な3側面で捉え,健診の役割,過程,支援者に求められる資質に気づいていた.
The purpose of the present study was to clarify what students learn through practical infant health examination and changes in their views on children before and after the training. A total of 60 fourth-year nursing students were divided into groups of 4-5 students and were made to undergo training at 13 different venues. The students were surveyed using an anonymous self-recorded questionnaire consisting of 20 items of paired adjectives expressing students’ views on the children before and after the training. Before and after training, students’ views on the children were analyzed using the Mann-Whitney U test, and a significant relationship was observed for seven items. In health examinations, the students’ view with respect to the children was classified into two categories: “the child’s appearance” and “the child’s perception and understanding, ”while learning in health examinations was classified into three categories“: the role of health examinations,“ ”health examination structure,” and “supporter quality.” On the basis of these results, we found that students’ views with respect to the children favorably changed after infant health examination training. Students perceived the children according to physical, psychological, and social aspects. Students also observed the role and the process of health examinations and the qualities required in the supporters.

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