Departmental Bulletin Paper エビデンスとナラティヴの関係 : 認知症高齢者と介護者の社会的認知に着目した検討
Relationship between evidence and narrative: A study focusing on social cognition in the elderly with dementia and elderly care professionals

村山, 明彦  ,  ムラヤマ, アキヒコ  ,  Akihiko, MURAYAMA

The previous edition which included five domains of cognitive function has been updated to the newly revised edition of the Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5) which defines six domains of cognitive function including social cognition. Along with formulation of the Comprehensive Strategy to Accelerate Dementia Measures by the Japanese government (also called “New Orange Plan”), social cognition has drawn more attention. Based on such background, an increasing number of studies on social cognition in elderly people with dementia have been conducted, but only a few studies on social cognition in elderly care professionals have been performed. The present study, based on a literature review, focuses on social cognition in both the elderly with dementia and elderly care professionals, and is aimed at offering findings that are useful for providing dementia care. In order to achieve the objective of this study, a discussion is presented in the following order: a method of defining social cognition based on previous studies is shown; evidence and narrative are cited from previous studies; and recommendations for dementia care practice are provided from these integrated results.

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