Departmental Bulletin Paper 介護福祉教育と介護研修における「家政教育・研修ニーズ」に関する研究 : 6種類の施設・事業所の介護福祉士を対象とした調査結果の比較分析から
A study on “Home economics education/training needs” in education at training school for certified care-workers and training for care-worker: From research to certified care-workers in six types of facilities

福田, 明  ,  栗栖, 照雄  ,  渡邊, 一平  ,  横山, 奈緒枝  ,  フクダ, アキラ  ,  クリス, テルオ  ,  ワタナベ, イッペイ  ,  ヨコヤマ, ナオエ  ,  Akira, FUKUDA  ,  Teruo, KURISU  ,  Ippei, WATANABE  ,  Naoe, YOKOYAMA

The study aims to clarify how a cooperation should be established between education at training school for certified care-workers and training for care-workers while certified care-workers experiences and comprehends the contents of effectibe household management in the job as “Home economics education/training needs”. Among the respondents for the questionnaire surbey, the study evaluated 67 household items with 4 useful levels by targeting 109 respondents at nursing care homes for elderly, 117 respondents at longterm care health facilities. 69 respondents at group home for elderly with dementia, 137 respondents for home-visit nursing care, 94 respondents for elderly day-service, and 137 respondents for elderly day-care as analytic subjects. As the result, the study found that ① Common to be a high level in accident/disaster prevention, indoor environment maintenance, and nutrition/cooking in accordance with aging/disability/sickness, ②Possible categorization for different contents by the characteristic of facility/business establishment such as cooking knowledge/technical related items, housing management related items, and clothing management/technical related items, and ③Even graduates from training school are more likely to highly recognize the need for learning household management throuth education at training school for certified care-workers and training for care-workers. With the consideration of the above, it is suggested that a continuous/phased learning system will be necessary while both training school and nursing care workplace understand necessary household contents, and education at training school for certified careworkers and training for care-workers work closely together.

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