Departmental Bulletin Paper 子嚢菌 Hirsutella rhossiliensis 由来糖脂質の合成
Synthesis of New Glycosphingolipids from Hirsutella rhossiliensis.

大塚, 功  ,  渥美, 聡孝  ,  垣内, 信子  ,  オオツカ, イサオ  ,  アツミ, トシユキ  ,  カキウチ, ノブコ  ,  Isao, OHTSUKA  ,  Toshiyuki, ATSUMI  ,  Nobuko , KAKIUCHI

Elucidation of the function of glycolipids in natural products is very important because ecology of animals containing them is not only understood, but also their compounds will lead to development of new drugs. This research tried to synthesis of new glycosphingolipids (1, 2, and 3) that were isolated from Hirsutella rhossiliensis. They have neogala-series, β-D-Galp(1→6)-β-D-Galp(1→6)-β-D-Galp, as core structure. Compound 1 contains also in Neurospora crassa, we already reported about synthesis of it. We attempted to synthesize of compounds 2 and 3.

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