Departmental Bulletin Paper サービス接遇教育における「人柄」について
On the Interpretation of the “Personality” in the Education of Service and Receiving Visitors

横山, 裕  ,  ヨコヤマ, ユタカ  ,  Yutaka, YOKOYAMA

This paper is concerned with the interpretation of the “personality” , a significant word in the educationof service and receiving visitors, clarifying the essential meaning based on its etymology and historicalsources. The “personality” is a Japanese word showing one’ s personality and dignity and has been usedin character evaluations since Heian classic literature was written. In modern times, its analysis wasmade in the field of education in particular to contribute to the development of human resources. Inrecent times, too, it is clear that it is an indicator for character evaluations in the jobs which ask forservice and receiving visitors.On the other hand, however, it has been shown that the “behavior” or “language” , which used toconstitute a part of “personality” in the Meiji era, has been dissociated from it, standing in its own right.

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