Departmental Bulletin Paper 近衛基熈、家熈による貞享期の私家集書写

藏中, さやか  ,  Sayaka, KURANAKA

There are some books that suggest the relationships with the copying activity in an imperial court in the collection of Youmei Bunko. In this paper, I attempted to partially clarify the Reizei-hon copying performed by the Reigen emperor and to discuss the copying activity which was performed in connected with this writing in the Jokyo period and add consideration as well as make the something of the copying activity of Konoe family. The following 4 anthologies were highlighted in this paper. "Sochinodainagon-shu" was handwritten and was copied by Iehiro on April 21, 1685 is the oldest one. "Choushueiso" was handwritten and was copied by Motohiro on May 7, 1685, "Suketika-shu" was hand written and was copied by Iehiro on June 25, 1685. "Asatada-shu" was handwritten and was copied by Iehiro on June 2, 1688. Moreover, I described how "Sochinodainagon-shu" was copied from a book the Reizei family possessed. Its character is very close to "Sochinodainagon-shu" (501.206) of the Imperial Household Agency, and was found to be in the same classification. Finally, I speculated that the copying of "Asatada-shu" may have been touched by that affair, the copying activity of a personal anthology. There are no similar books to this one in the Reizei family. It's written on "Asatada-shu" as follows, Iehiro copied the one Jyakuren wrote, who is a famous calligrapher in the Kamakura era.This book was introduced for the first time. In summary, I pointed out that the copying activities by KONOE Motohiro and KONOE Iehiro were done for the Konoe family. The 4 books of Youmei Bunko described by this thesis were copied when copying a book by the emperor's order.

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