Departmental Bulletin Paper 竹炭による排水中の有機物、界面活性剤および窒素の除去と使用済み竹炭の再利用

張野, 宏也  ,  八束, 絵美  ,  Hiroya, Harino  ,  Emi, Yatsuzuka

The applications of bamboo charcoal as the water treatment material for organic substances, anionic surface active agent and nitrogen were studied. The removal rate of organic substances and nitrogen by manual shaking is better than those by bioshaker. The removal rate of anion surface active agent by manual shaking was similar to those by mechanical shaker. The removal rates of organic substances and nitorogen by addition of 20g bamboo charcoal were similar to those of 50g bamboo charcoal for 1L of wastewater. After a month, 90% of organic substances, 100% of anionic surface active agent and 60% of nitrogen were removed in wastewater by manual shaking. Radish sprouts were cultivated in bamboo charcoal which was used as the bed. The growth rate of radish sprouts on used bamboo charcoal was faster than those on unused bamboo charcoal, suggesting organic substances and nitrogen which were absorbed on bamboo charcoal promote the growth of radish sprouts.

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