Departmental Bulletin Paper 神戸女学院における体育の歴史―昭和元年~40年―

谷, 祝子  ,  井上, 紀子  ,  Noriko, TANI  ,  Noriko, INOUE

Kobe College marked the 140th anniversary of its establishment in 2015. The records of its establishment were kept for each milestone year and were published. The first educational system was introduced in the time of second principal Clarkson in 1880, and the courses provided for each grade were clearly shown. The curriculum became available for every grade and "Exercise" was added as a subject. This was the begining of the subject, "Physical Education". This essay covers the beginning of the Showa era, from 1926 to 1965 (90th anniversary of the establishment of KC) as an addition to the essay previously written covering the Meiji and Taisho eras. I examine the relocation of Kobe College from Yamamoto Street to the Okadayama Campus, the Second World War, and the revolutionary change made in the post-war period that shortened 4 years of physical education to a 2-year mandatory course, as the major events of the Showa era. A chronological table was made based on the articles in the alumni bulletin "Megumi". For the period that "Megumi" was not published, the information was collected from the interviews with the teachers and students who were present at that time. I was able to obtain valuable material from the interviews to complete my work.

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