Departmental Bulletin Paper 神戸女学院の排水中の有機物、界面活性剤、窒素およびリンの濃度

張野, 宏也  ,  三村, 菜摘  ,  中嶋, 光  ,  八束, 絵美  ,  山尾, 千晶  ,  Hiroya, Harino  ,  Natsumi, MIMURA  ,  Hikaru, NAKAJIMA  ,  Emi, Yatsuzuka  ,  Chiaki, Yamao

The concentrations of organic substances, anionic surfactant, total nitrogen and total phosphorous in discharged water from Kobe College were measured. Organic substances, total nitorogen and total phosphorous were discharged into drainage water from the dormitory was high. Although the differences of the concentrations of anionic surfactants between morning and afternoon were not observed in the junior high school, the concentrations of anionic surfactant in drainage water from the dormitory in the morning were higher than those in the afternoon. The drastic change of anionic surfactant concentrations were not observed between November and December.

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