Departmental Bulletin Paper ルシャトリエの原理に関するマイクロスケール実験―教材改良と授業実践―

中川, 徹夫  ,  中澤, 克行

Le Chatelier's principle, namely, the principle of displacement of equilibrium appears in Japanese high school advanced chemistry textbooks. Shoji and Ogino have already investigated and developed teaching materials on the Le Chatelier's principle, using three 12-well plates. In this study, we have made some improvements on their method and proposed alternative teaching materials on the displacement of ionization of dilute aqueous acetic acid and ammonia solutions and that of solution of saturated aqueous sodium chloride solution using only one 12-well plate. In our way, the amount of used solutions is drastically reduced to 1/6 in comparison with that in an ordinary scale experiment. Moreover, we have carried out practical lessons for first and second grade senior high school students (aged 15-17) at Hyogo Prefectural Kobe High School. All of the students that took these lessons did experiments steadily and admired our teaching materials on the questionnaires. Therefore, it has been found that our teaching materials are useful for high school advanced chemistry.

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