Departmental Bulletin Paper 京都市岡崎公会堂に関する史料調査報告①

井原, 麗奈  ,  Rena, Ihara

Kyoto City Okazaki Public Hall is a building which was originally built on the grounds of Nijo Castle in 1915 to hold the feast for Emperor Taisho's coronation, and then relocated to Okazaki, Kyoto City (where RHOM Theatre Kyoto was renovated and reopened in January, 2016) and opened as a public hall. After the coronation, The Imperial Household Agency bestowed it upon Kyoto City, and it was used for the activities of the townspeople for 17 years, until it collapsed due to the Muroto typhoon in 1934.For three years, the author carried out an investigation of historical materials for the public hall, and submitted a study of the role it played before the war to The Japan Association for Cultural Policy Research's Cultural Policy Research Vol. 9 (Bigaku Shuppan, 2015) as research notes, but due to the limited space being assigned to several valuable historical records, it was never published. As there are a number of special circumstances written in the historical materials for this hall that cannot be seen elsewhere, they are to be reported on these pages.

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