Departmental Bulletin Paper 訪問介護事業所のサービス提供責任者による訪問看護や介護支援専門員とのチーム活動の実践とその関連要因―共分散構造分析による検討―

綾部, 貴子  ,  Takako, Ayabe

In this study, we investigated the practice of cooperative approaches (CA) by home-visiting service coordinators (coordinators) that are adopted in concert with care managers and home-visiting nurses, and clarified the related factors. The study subjects comprised a total of 500 coordinators randomly sampled from a single district of Japan. After excluding those with missing values, the remaining 207 (41.4%) coordinators served as the analysis subjects. A questionnaire was sent to them by mail, and the study period was between October 4 and 31, 2010. The independent variables were the sex, age, presence or absence of CA experience, presence or absence of a history of attending off-the-job training in CA, and positive interpersonal relationships. The dependent variable was the practice of CA by coordinators in concert with care managers and mobe-visiting nurses. Covariance structure analysis was performed to determine the model fit, using the GFI, AGFI, CFI, and RMSEA as the fit indices. We obtained approval from the ethical review board of a university being investigated, and informed the subjects of the study objectives, preservation of thier anonymity, and methods for data management in written form. As a result, the χ2,GFI, AGFI, CFI, and RMSEA values were 22.987(8), .970, .894, .945, and .059, respectively. CA was significantly correlated with positive interpersonal relationships (p<.01). Our findings suggest that, to promote CA of coordinators, it is necessary for them to have favorable relationships with people in their workplace,, as well as service users and their families.

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