Departmental Bulletin Paper ウェルプレートを活用した酵素反応の教材開発と授業実践
Developing Teaching Materials and Educational Practice for Enzymatic Reactions with a Well Plate

宮田, 理恵  ,  中川, 徹夫

Enzymatic reactions are usually introduced using much laboratory glassware in high school biology textbooks, which results in a set of experimental equipment for each group with many students. These are presumed to cause a large gap among students in their comprehension of enzymatic functions and experimental techniques. Therefore, we have developed microscale teaching material to evaluate the dependence of amylase activity on temperature and pH environments with a 12-well plate that enables us to repeat experiments easily. The result of this experiment coincided with that of the ordinary one. Based on our practical lessons, we have shown that this experiment is more meaningful for students in their activities and understanding than the ordinary one. Consequently, we have confirmed that this material is useful for high school biology calsses.

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